Portuguese Classes:

Solo Idiomas in São Paulo since 1986.

We provide a language integrated solution. We are specialized in one to one classes and flexible time.
Efficiency, agility, customized classes and the best cost benefit are our priorities. To suit the needs of our students is our goal. We are experts and we always strive to improve and give the best class experience.
Please contact our staff, meet our coordinators and get the most of your studying time with us. We love to teach!

Flexible schedule

At  Solo Idiomas, you get full flexibility of days and time to attend your Portuguese private lessons.

If you can´t attend a class, don´t worry, we got you covered. Send us a ‘whatsap’ or just call. You can reschedule your Portuguese Class for free. Whenever and wherever you need we will always have a teacher for you.
You can cancel your class for free! Reschedule your class at your convenience.
You have a 12 month time to use your pack of classes.
We work from Monday to Thursdays from 07:00 Fridays 07:00 to 21:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 to 12:00.


Our Portuguese private courses use the Communicative Approach.
The teaching of grammar is the ‘background’ and the conversion is in the main objective.
Teachers are great natural helpers to learn. Our teachers provide materials and circumstances for the student to think and interact, in other words, you will actually speak! Practical tasks and role-plays are conducted throughout the course.
The purpose of the communicative method is to create conditions which will help you to acquire a good performance in a new language through practice with activities which will simulate real situations.

This Method will focus on the ability to convey your ideas to the listener.
We adopted the Common European framework of languages. It is an evaluation method applied to all languages. It gives the best description of your level of the language.


Portuguese Levels

Portuguese private classes

At Solo Idiomas we teach Portuguese with native teachers!
You choose what you want: Portuguese Business class, Portuguese for traveling, Portuguese Grammar Classes, The Celp Bras Exam Brazilian proficiency test.

You can customize your class!


In our Portuguese private classes you can count on having all the attention of the teacher. Shyness or insecurity is not a problem here because you have a teacher only for you!
Our Portuguese classes are completely focused on your needs. You will learn better and faster!


You can have your Portuguese class at SOLO, at your home or at your company.
In our Portuguese classes you learn at your own pace and focused on your goals. Classes will be adjusted to suit your personal needs, interests and level. This will improve your progress because we will use your goals to push you further!
The best way to learn to speak Portuguese is by practicing it with highly qualified and passionate teachers. That is why our teachers talk to you about various topics, just the way you do it with your friends. We teach you to express your own thoughts and ideas, instead of pre-made artificial dialogues.


Listening to Brazilian native teachers is the key to gain fluency and to avoid misunderstanding. Scientists have proven that you learn vocabulary and grammar faster and better if you read discuss and listen to the material about the same subject.  For this reason our private Portuguese course uses audio materials (extracts audiobooks, podcasts, radio programs, music, videos), combined with grammar and lexical exercises.


We ​​will provide you with texts to read which are interesting and useful for you, according to your level of Portuguese.

You will learn different types of reading. The texts are always authentic and handpicked from the news, magazines, newspapers and books. Our teachers and coordinators are always ready to find exciting reading material for you – just tell us the subject that interests you!


Our teachers are ready to help you to improve your writing skills. The best way to learn grammar and vocabulary is by writing short essays text or phrases which contain the new material (vocabulary).


We believe that the words must be learned in a real life context, so our teachers prepare a topic with a series of activities aiming the acquisition of new vocabulary and also listening and discussing them. You will use these new words in your speech and you will memorize them better!



We know that grammar might be boring and dull but it is part of the process. Our Portuguese private teachers will make it fun and easy. The knowledge of grammar will give you confidence and you will feel more comfortable to make connections. You will certainly be more confident because you have learned it in a real life context, with examples from your daily life!


Listening to our native Portuguese teachers will have a tremendous positive impact on your Portuguese accent. We will ​help you to improve your pronunciation and speaking skills through interesting lessons with an experienced  and passionate teacher. You will indeed improve your pronunciation and speaking skills by listening and interacting with the teacher. We will  give you new vobabulary to help you practice hard and difficult sounds. You will reduce your native accent or even get rid of it! Can you picture yourself speaking  Portuguese with no accent?

We provide real customized classes!


Portuguese Skype Classes  


Our native Portuguese teachers will help you get the most of every class.

You can count on our ‘flexible time’. You are free to reschedule your classes for free.

You can choose from regular Portuguese classes, Portuguese for travelling, Business Portuguese, Portuguese for surviving. Our classes are always customized to your specific need. Our teachers speak English so that may come in handy if you don´t know Portuguese at all.


Give us a call or drop us a line. We are here to help you.

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